Meet Mary Claire and Sophie :: Fall Interns

The Pinckney Palm team is lucky to have not one, but TWO amazing interns this fall - Mary Claire and Sophie! Mary Claire is a senior at Wofford College and will be working with Ryann from our Upstate SC headquarters, while Sophie, a senior at the College of Charleston, will be working side-by-side with Erin in Charleston! 

Here’s a fun interview we did with Mary Claire & Sophie so you can learn more about each of them:

Welcome to the Pinckney Palm team! Give us a quick overview - hometown, college, family, hobbies, etc. 

Mary Claire: Hi there! I’m Mary Claire, a senior at Wofford College studying both psychology and French. I’m from a small town called Perry, Georgia. I have two brothers that are twins that are also seniors in high school! I’m Type 9 on the Enneagram. I usually have some version of coffee in hand and love to find new restaurants to try (new fave: Maple Street Biscuits). I’m obsessed with my two dogs, Gracie the Labrador and Golden Retriever mix and Holli, the English Springer Spaniel. I have a few songs that I always listen to on repeat at any given time (recently, it’s Maggie Rogers). And I like to say that I’m now from Greenville - my South Carolina home! 

Sophie: Hey there! I’m from Fairfield, Connecticut and a senior at the College of Charleston. I am a triplet, the only girl with two supportive and successful brothers who I’m super close with! My parents own a production company and are also realtors located in Naples, FL. When I’m not in class or in the office you can find me at the beach, trying out new restaurants (I’m kind of an unofficial foodie!), or at the gym. I have a passion for creating and I am always finding new ways to incorporate my creativity into everything I do.

Mary Claire

Mary Claire



Top 3 favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?

Mary Claire: @thedogist, @brightonkeller, @rachparcell 

Sophie: @dogsofinstagram, @jillsharpstudio, @anthropologie

Favorite book?

Mary Claire: The Kite Runner or The Hate U Give 

Sophie: The Hunger Games series

Top 3 songs on your motivation playlist? 

Mary Claire: People Need a Melody - The Head and the Heart, On + Off - Maggie Rogers, You Say - Lauren Daigle 

Sophie: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift, Thunder - Imagine Dragons, Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield 

What are your top used emojis?

Mary Claire: 🥳💛🤩

Sophie:  🤗 🤷‍♀️😻

If we were to look at your Explore page on Instagram, what kind of posts would we find?

Mary Claire: Fashion bloggers, hair videos, and cooking videos! 

Sophie: Animals, fitness accounts, and photography accounts.

Why social media? What draws you to it? 

Mary Claire: I am intrigued by the way people can connect, share, and positively influence a community on social media! It can be just for fun or for business… like a one-stop-shop! (I catch myself actually shopping on Instagram!) 

Sophie: Social media is the future! I love how instant it is and how it builds relationships. It allows people to showcase their creativity and ideas with the world.

Favorite destination to live #LifeUnderThePalm? 

Mary Claire: Greenville, South Carolina! 

Sophie: Charleston, South Carolina! 

What are you most excited about when it comes to interning with Pinckney Palm this fall?

Mary Claire: I’m looking forward to learning, helping, and creating with Pinckney Palm. I love that they combine customer service, management, marketing, social media, data, and female leadership into one business that supports and grows other businesses! 

Sophie: I’m very excited to show my talents, as well as bring my ideas to life! This is a great opportunity for me to learn new things and ways to improve. 



Mary Claire

Mary Claire

What’s your thing? What do your friends know you for or know you love?

Mary Claire: I love all things French and all things dogs (puppies!!!). I’m also very picky about my Instagram Stories’ aesthetic, and I usually have Starbucks in hand! 

Sophie: My friends know me as the girl who is always laughing! I love to socialize and make other people laugh or smile. 

Welcome, Mary Claire and Sophie! We are so excited to have y’all on board!

Erin Phillips