Behind the Scenes of the Pinckney Palm Internship Experience

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Pinckney Palm intern?! Here’s your inside scoop from Pinckney Palm Summer 2019 intern, Zainab:

What were your expectations going into this internship?

When I applied to intern with Pinckney Palm, I wasn’t really sure what it meant to be a social media intern. We have all had internship experiences where all we do is “busy work” and get coffee. That said, when I got the role of Pinckney Palm intern, I definitely didn't expect to get so much hands-on experience! Not only did I learn that I love analytics and how important numbers are to social media, I got to dive into a more creative side of myself that I didn’t know I had. Not to mention, I got to learn from and work with two total #girlbosses.  


What did the day-to-day look like as a Pinckney Palm intern?

My daily tasks as an intern included managing Pinckney Palm’s social media, running analytics for clients (looking specifically at what was working and what could be improved on the different social media platforms), helping write blog posts and newsletters, and assisting in creating content plans for our clients.

Each week I was involved in the team’s weekly meetings where we checked in on client projects and mapped out our to-do lists for the week. As an intern I was still made to feel like a crucial part of the team and was able to ask questions and provide solutions.

What is a skill you learned or something you learned about yourself during the internship?

Each day was something new, and that is what I loved most. I was always learning something! I feel more confident in my abilities to use different content creation and management programs, such as Planoly and Asana. This is important, because these skills are applicable to a lot of different fields. I have no doubt I will be using these skills in my future career!

What was your most memorable experience as a Pinckney Palm intern?

Apart from my everyday tasks, I also got to attend the annual Pinckney Palm retreat complete with visioning meetings, photoshoots, and dance parties. I mean seriously, what other job or internship would allow for playing dress up (for photoshoots, of course) and dance parties?! 


What are you most proud of having accomplished, now that the internship is over?

Though all of this was fun and interesting, the best part of the internship was scrolling through social media and seeing a post on a client’s Instagram or Facebook being interacted with! Each time I saw something I helped create I did a little happy dance - no, seriously! I’m not going to lie, it is pretty cool to see your hard work in action!

In your opinion, what makes the Pinckney Palm internship unique?

I think that the most unique part of the Pinckney Palm internship is that I was able to see my work in action! Throughout the summer months I was able to see posts I assisted with being posted, watch the numbers of client’s average engagement rates climb each month when I was running analytics, and help implement some of my ideas for Pinckney Palm already! Like I said, there isn’t anything quite like seeing your effort pay off!

What words of wisdom do you have for students interested in applying to become a Pinckney Palm intern?

Go for it! This internship is fun and educational. It is a great way differentiate yourself, too! In a world where social media is really driving marketing and sales, it is important to really understand how to use different platforms effectively. I know that I can my new skills will be an asset to any team I am a part of!


The Pinckney Palm team feels so fortunate to have worked with Zainab this summer. Her entrepreneurial experience, as well as her coursework in both finance and English, made her unique asset to our team. Even more importantly, she was always up for a challenge with a huge smile on her face!

Zainab, we are going to miss you so much as you begin your senior year at Wofford. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all you accomplish!

PS - The Pinckney Palm team is now accepting applications for our Fall 2019 Internship! To apply, email with your resume and a note about why you are a good fit for our internship. Visit the Pinckney Palm Instagram for more information and to be the first to know when future internship positions become available!

Erin Phillips