5 Things You Need To Know Before Going Live

You've heard the hype of going Live on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully, you've watched a Live or two (especially our informative Live's! :)). So why is going Live so important and what do you need to know before your first Live?

Going Live is important for the overall "health" of your social media pages. Just posting photos frequently isn't going to do anything to help your engagement and growth. Doing things like using new features, frequently popping on Stories and going Live will show Instagram and Facebook that you're an active participant on their platforms and doing things that keep your followers on their platforms longer. Which is great for the algorithm! The ultimate goal for Facebook/Instagram is to get more eyeballs on their channels longer because that equals being able to charge more for ads which of course equals revenue for them. That's a really blunt and filtered down version of how it all works, but nonetheless valuable to think about for this conversation.

Outside of the algorithm, going Live is awesome for your brand. Y'all know I'm not a fan of "sell, sell, sell" on social media and all about that human touch. What better way to get them to know you than to speak to them Live?! 

One final thing before we get into the 5 things you need to know... I get asked a lot why a Live video vs. just recording a video and posting it Live. The answer would be the algorithm, it's weighted heavier if you will than just posting a video and Facebook notifies your followers when you're Live and Instagram puts you more forward on the row of Stories. 

Now here are 5 things you need to know before going Live! Still need help? Email me at erin@pinckneypalm.com for a consultation. 


1. Plan and promote!

Plan out what you want to say on your Live, write an outline or some bullets down and then let people know you'll be Live! I usually like to promote a live 2-3 days before and then make sure to follow up a week after and remind folks to watch the replay (if what I discussed is still relevant).

Remember that Instagram saves your Live's for 24 hours in Stories and Facebook can save them forever on your page if you wish. So when you promote after the fact, you'll want to send people to your Facebook page. On your Live post, click on the date/time stamp to get a direct link to your Live video. 

Oh and when you go Live on Facebook, don't forget to write a short description so people know what you're talking about!

2. You don't need fancy equipment!

I use my iPhone for going Live on Instagram and set it on an old camera tripod using an iPhone attachment like this one. Then for Facebook, I set my computer up on some books so it's level with my phone so I'm not looking in two totally different places. Note I use both because you can't go Live on both channels at the same time. This is not necessary, but I do love my Diva Ring Light for some extra light, although I aim for windows and natural light as much as possible.

3. You may want to use data, not wi-fi and double check your sound!

If your wi-fi isn't strong, try and use data to go Live so hopefully your connection won't break. If this does happen though, usually it reconnects you relatively quickly. 

Make sure you have your Spotify turned off on your computer! And that other sounds are off or minimized as much as possible. Things like AC, fans, even talking with your hands and bumping the table. 

4. Things may and probably will happen, that's the beauty of Live!

You'll lose your thoughts for a minute, your dog will bark, your phone will fall over, you'll mispronounce a word, you'll sneeze... things happen Live and people are gracious with you. Don't sweat it and know that you can always just end it and delete, no harm done. 

5. The majority of your views will be in the replay. 

Don't get discouraged if you only have a handful of views when you're actually Live. You'll get many more after the fact. Keep this in mind when you're talking and make sure you let people know where they can find information on things you're talking about by leaving links or info in the comments and pointing them there. 

Also, remember to encourage questions in the beginning and maybe even have a family member or friend watching Live to comment and ask a question. This will help boost your Live even more while you're on and for replays!

Ok there ya go! What other questions do you have? Leave them in the commnets! 


Erin Phillips