Pinckney Palm is Going Global!


Isn't it funny how life works sometimes? You think you've made it to your final destination, created 1-year, 5-year, and even 10-year goals and you're tracking on all your "plans". Then BOOM. Change of plans! And before you know it, within two months you're MOVING TO LONDON!

That's about how it all happened y'all. For the backstory, this is for my husband's job, he does mergers and acquisitions and helped his company's London office acquire a new company and so now we're going over for a year so he can help with the integration part (did I get that right Ryan? ;)). 

So what's happening to Pinckney Palm? Well... WE AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE Y'ALL! 

We're simply "going global" as I like to say. Almost all of our work is online anyway, so there shouldn't be a huge shift in services.

We'll still be working with clients, albeit a smaller group than what we've been managing. As far as services, we'll be consulting and doing one-time strategy projects while working with select clients who we can service from abroad. We'll still have boots on the ground in Charleston too for clients who have needs here and need to be posted on US time. 

All this to say, keep us in mind for all your social media needs! And if for any reason we can't help you, we've set up an awesome network of people who can help you!

Bonus - if you want to expense a trip to London in the next year, I know we have some important business information that will need to be attended to in-person ;). On this note, we may be doing a social media retreat in the UK so stay tuned!!!

Our move date is April 8th (landing on the 9th), in fact, we just booked our flights today and have our fingers crossed we'll even get our visas in time - eek.  It's a crazy process you guys. 

WE WILL BE CLOSED APRIL 6 - APRIL 20 as we pack up and then get settled in our new "normal". 

Keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook + follow along on my personal Instagram page for all the behind-the-scenes fun! We have a goal to travel to at least 12 countries in the next 12 months. And yes, I am nervous to travel and embark on all this with a toddler - but I got this... right? 

Keep in touch!



Erin Phillips