Social Media Week London - Final Day Learnings


Today marks the last day of Social Media Week London. It has been a great past 3 days! My brain is so overloaded with information, but in such a great way. I can’t wait to apply all these findings to my current clients, upcoming consults, and future clients!

If you want to set up a consult around any (or all!) of this info and how you can use it for your business, shoot me an email here.

Let’s start out with one overall theme I was seeing that was really interesting to me…

There was a LOT of talk about attention spans and length of video. The goldfish stat was quoted probably 5 times today, but all of them were saying how wrong and how un-backed in data that stat actually is if you look into it. What I took away from this was… don’t be afraid to produce 6 second + videos (which believe it or not is longer than the industry recommendation). Yet, the reality is marketers are competing with a ridiculous amount of saturation.

Here’s a bunch of little blurbs that I typed from a session today that I love…

“Average is 6 second views. But average isn’t aspirational, if we stop making videos over 6 seconds, that’s just going to keep declining.

If we just deliver short bits of content, we’re not going to ever build our brand online with our customers.  

Films have gotten 30% longer over the last four years. Think of Netflix binge watching! CEO of Netflix considers his biggest competitor sleep.

We don’t have short attention spans. We hate crap ads.”


Now for some stats and other learnings, including trends for 2019!

Let’s look at some interesting stats I learned today…

  • 50% of people don’t think they’re being advertised to on Pinterest, despite 75% of content coming from brands – video content is watched twice as long on Pinterest over Facebook

  • 89% of companies seek to reach highly targeted audiences often in international markets where they are trying to expand their businesses

  • LinkedIn found that carousel ads (the ones with multiple photos you scroll through) have a 36% higher CTR (click through rate), a 33.3% higher engagement rate, and a 21% higher quality score

Specific learnings to help your business…

Think of feeding a 2 year old broccoli, you have to mask it for her to eat it – do this with ads (think of the Lego Movie - longest ad there ever was).

We are in the most competitive marketplace for brands. To win in 2019, you need the best stories, the most engaging content. Too often we don’t deliver…

Create a club (not just a Facebook group) and give this group something first, let them meet other people passionate about the same thing, etc.


Who are influencers?

  1. They’re all known for something within a target community

  2. They can influence the actions of the people in their community

Simply put, Edelman defined influencers as, “Someone who can influence someone else.” This could even be your neighbor who is the go-to guy on cars who only has 500 followers.

I love this - Edelman stressed very hard that you want to work with influencers who have RELEVANCE & AUTHORITY in your space. For example, if you are an interior designer, you should choose to work with an influencer who has 7k followers but is known for the best home finds and decorating tips over the influencer who has 20k followers and is known more for fashion. Think of it like this - you can easily buy reach with sponsored posts, you can’t buy authority.

Influencers need to stop doing so much brand work that is not in their lane of authority, this dilutes them and shuts down big niche brands from wanting to work with them.


Overall though in influencer marketing - here is what you should measure prior to working with an influencer! And influencers - you HAVE to be prepared to offer these things or you’re going to get lost in the masses. An influencer “shake out” is coming in 2019, brands and agencies are shaking out the fake and uninformed influencers.

  • Relevance – to my industry and brand

    • Topic Mentions

    • Controversy

    • Medium & Channel

    • Group Mentions

    • Brand Mentions

  • Authority – are you actually qualified to talk about what you’re talking about?

    • Influencer Role

    • Engagement rate

    • Media Impact

    • Topic Affinity

  • Reach – location, demographic

    • Audience profile

    • Total followers

  • Accessibility – cost and if you’re working with other brands

    • Geography

    • Contact Details

    • Brand Mentions

Now - once you find your influencer/s, you have to go in deep with them on creativity. Give them the reigns, but also give them the freedom and big ideas to do something outstanding! For example, instead of them holding your face mask in a photo, can they do a Stories series of a “girls night in” where the face mask is genuinely incorporated throughout?

There was lots of talk about “hyperlocal” - so essentially, think about your exact market. What are the issues? What is trending there? Who is trending there? Speak the language that is local to your key markets. And pick influencers who are this local area! Influencers should easily be able to provide you their demographics.

What to start a movement on social in your area? Here are the steps to start a movement…

  1. Don’t prove it, do it

  2. Measure it to show it has an impact

  3. Use social media to blast it

As for LinkedIn - he moved so fast, but the overall gist here was you need really obvious messaging, but with a playful spirit. Also, it is a very different market compared to the other platforms, so you’ll need to A/B test your content. Meaning, use the same copy, but change out your image slightly - do a woodgrain background vs. white, etc. to see what works best.

Also for LinkedIn - don’t shy away from longer videos and also get really nitty gritty on your content, this is where you can nerd out.

Finally on LinkedIn - empower your employees, they have more reach combined usually than you do as a single company.

The last session was around trends for 2019 in social media. One of the presenters was Cameron-James Wilson the creator of Shudu who is the first digital influencer. You guys, brands like Vogue and Balmain are working with her. It’s fascinating to me.

Anyway, one of the things brought up was fakery in the social world. This was said by the presenters and I think if you’re an influencer PLEASE read and understand this, it’s so key: Actually, a lot of Instagram accounts aren’t real, but they look awesome. When an influencer can be transparent that they just did something for the ‘gram and things are posed and styled, people are cool. It’s the intent behind the account. Fakery is accepted if you do it in an open and honest way.

Interesting right? You can still have beautiful photos guys, just get real.


Ok here’s the big one. 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS!

  1. Social Standing – Why you should consider always putting your brand values into practice on social. (conscience)

  2. Fake Authenticity – The rise of synthetic influencers, and the potential benefits they bring your brand. (status)

  3. Local Legitimacy – How social media’s hyperlocal targeting could be an advertising game changer. (belonging)

  4. Collective AI – The future of crowdsourcing has arrived. Try not to let your brand get left behind. (progression)

  5. New Masculinity – Most men are ready for more inclusive messaging and representation on social. (progression)

  6. Memes Go Nice – How to traverse the strange, but potentially useful, world of niche meme accounts. (connection)

  7. Minority Impact – Marginalized groups pack the biggest social clout. To ignore them is to ignore culture. (connection)

  8. Democratizing Data – The data game is changing. Consumers are taking the power back. What’s your role? (certainty)

  9. Right Now Crowd – Live video is creating mass-participating moments and big conversations on social (connection)

Along with these trends, here are the 3 questions we should be asking ourselves:

  • What are the benefits of tapping into these trends for my brand?

  • What are the potential pitfalls if I do tap into them?

  • How brave do I really need to be to do them right?

If you want the full 2019 trends report, you can get it starting on November 21st at I think I’ll do a full Live in our closed Facebook group breaking it down, so stay tuned for details on that!

Alright guys, that’s a wrap on Social Media Week London! Feel free to shoot me any questions here, on Instagram, or via email.

Erin Phillips