Social Media Week London - Day 2 Learnings


Day two of Social Media Week London was chock full of great information. I got great feedback that you guys were loving these learnings in real-time over on Instagram Stories and here too. Keep your questions and feedback coming!

Okay let’s do this like we did yesterday. Here’s the stats I learned today, and below are the key takeaways!


Let’s look at some interesting facts I learned today…

  • If an influencer has 100k followers, you will likely only reach 12k of their audience and then once you look at engagement, that number gets even smaller

  • There are 400 million instagrammers using Stories each day

  • 7 out of 10 campaigns that run vertical have better ad recall

  • In the past 30 days, more video has been uploaded to the internet than watched on TV over the past 30 years

  • 80% of people on Instagram follow a business and 75% of them take action after a post

  • 60% of Instagram Stories are watched with sound on

  • Facebook has the most traffic from 1-3pm

  • By 2020 it is predicted global influencer marketing spend will be between $5-10 BILLION


Specific learnings to help your business…

Four questions to ask yourself before going Live:

  1. Why would my audience watch this as a live experience?

  2. How can my audience shape the outcome of the live experience?

  3. How can I use existing audiences to promote my brand/product?

  4. What do I want them to do next?

Think about things that are important to your audience. Think about delivering an experience that’s relevant and unique to your audience.

No. Influencer Marketing is not dead or declining. It even has the potential to be more effective. If well done.

Metrics that matter in influencer marketing:

  • Reach: Interest + Demographics + Geo-location + Platform

  • Engagements: Top Posts + Likes + Shares + Views + Comments

  • Conversations: Velocity Tracking + Branded Conversations + Attention Span + Word & Emoji Sentiment + Emoji & Phrase Semantic Mapping

Six things you need to do for a successful influencer marketing campaign:

  1. Integrate (are you bringing them behind the scenes and into your brand?)

  2. Build Relationships (longterm, enriched relationships)

  3. Create Compelling Content

  4. Value Performance, not just CPM (aka how many followers they have)

  5. Boost

  6. Experiment

You should think as all of your content as ads, not create paid ads separately. Truth is, you have to pay to play.

For Instagram Story videos:

  • Lo-fi, you don’t need a big video crew

  • Use all the tools in Stories available (stickers, gifs, polls, questions)

  • Gamify your content (tap to make the bus drive, help the athlete lift the weight by swiping up)

  • Think of sound, 60% listen with sound on

For Facebook videos:

  • Give subtitles

  • Give an emotional title

  • Longer content here is okay (2-3 minutes)

  • Get your branding in early

  • Make sure it’s relatable content

For Twitter videos - make sure it’s thumb-stopping and look to Live video

For LinkedIn videos - HUGE opportunities here, especially in the B2B world

When creating a video, think about stairs, build on each last step. Break your idea down into steps and ask - Have I moved the story forward with the next step? Can I come in later or sooner with that step? Secondly, think about controlling the frame so you can control what your audience sees. Ex: Zoom in closer to draw attention vs. thinking someone will look closer at something from overhead. Your pace of subtitles is also very important.

When creating a video think through these things:

  • Strong opening

  • Sound off vs. on (if you’re on IG, do sound on, on FB have subtitles)

  • Early Branding

  • How it’s served

  • Length

In crisis communications, don’t forget about your internal team! Also, do these 3 things in the event of a crisis:

  1. Empathy - make a simple announcement where you show empathy for the situation

  2. Offer a blameless apology - even if it’s not your fault

  3. Give an offer of help - a number to call, an email address, a donation, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is best explained not as man vs. machine, but as min in machine. This was interesting in a discussion where Lexus used AI to determine it’s 60-second ad. Crazy, y’all.

The end! Did you learn a lot today too? I sure hope so. Tomorrow is the last day and it’s not as many sessions, but it’s some power hitters like LinkedIn and an overall recap of social media trends for 2019.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out via Instagram or email me at

Erin Phillips