What's In My Bag

Are you guys fans of the "Whats In My Bag" segment in Us Weekly like we are? Well, today I thought it would be fun to bring you my own version of "What's In My Bag". It's neat to get a glimpse at the one thing that someone carries with them every day and that holds so many things essential to that persons every day life! 

Pinckney Palm isn't my only child, I'm also the Mom to two-year-old Sullivan "Sully" Louise. So in my bag along with my laptop, cell phone, notebook and pen (yes, I'm still a fan of those "old school" tools) are a smattering of kid-friendly items. 

Think my sunglasses look a little funny? Well, you'd be right. Those are Snapchat Spectacles. You can film 360-degree snaps with them and upload them to the platform. I'm always interested in and testing out the newest social offerings. Stay tuned on our Instagram Stories to follow along with the newest!

That notebook was gifted "swag" from Instagram when they visited us at Capital One where I worked in social media. I was the point of contact for all our social media platforms - I even have a Snapchat ghost ice tray!

Koozie anyone? I'm always packing a few koozies just in case anyone needs to keep their drink cool. Anyone not from the South finds this very weird, I've quickly found out. You'd be surprised how many I actually hand out though!

When running to lots of different meetings or trying to look fresh for my Live videos, I swear by Beautycouter's rose water. It's so refreshing, gives me a glow (the good kind) and smells beautiful. I've tried other rose waters, but this is still my favorite.

Finally - I've always got a book or other entertainment for Sully, along with a spare bow. My silly girly girl loves a bow! If you're looking for a great baby gift or to stock your own nursery, I can't recommend the Babylit books enough! The Emma one pictured is about emotions and is Sully's favorite. 

The iPhone and Mac are obvious additions to my bag and if you're looking for a good laptop sleeve, this one by Cuyana is amazing, can be personalized with gold foil and always warrants tons of compliments. 

That's what's in my bag! What essentials are in yours?


Erin Phillips