Content Planning - October "Days"

Pinckney Palm Planning.jpg

Can you believe we're already talking about October? When looking through the days this month we realized there aren't as many "good" ones as there normally are, but alas here are the few we found that could work for your business. In a month where Pumpkin Day and Halloween are a thing, I think your content is going to be awesome!

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Before jumping in, just a few reminders about these "days":

  1. Don't post on more than one or two of these "days". No one wants to follow an account that's just full of National "Days". 
  2. Make sure it ties into your brand! Why does it matter that you're chiming in on this day? Why should someone care? Can you tie your product or service to that day?
  3. Get your hashtags right! Ensure that you've got the one main hashtag and any related hashtags ready to go when you post. This is a great way to expand your reach on social and get discovered by new accounts. I like to post the main hashtag in my copy and then comment with the other 29 (or less) hashtags. Don't worry, we have a full post on hashtags coming soon!
  4. Plan it out! Write down the date on your calendar (especially if you have a content calendar for social!) and go ahead and plan out the photo and copy you're going to post. See our Ice Cream Day post, that was taken a month in advance!

Now that we've refreshed on that, here are the October days you can post content around. I've put those that we spoke about on Live in bold. Enjoy!

  • Sunday, October 1 :: International Coffee Day, National Homemade Cookies Day
  • Tuesday, October 3 :: National Techies Day
  • Wednesday, October 4 :: National Taco Day #NationalTacoDay, World Animal Day
  • Thursday, October 5 :: World Teachers Day, National Do Something Nice Day
  • Friday, October 6 :: World Smile Day
  • Monday, October 9 :: Columbus Day, National Kick Butt Day
  • Tuesday, October 10 :: World Mental Health Day
  • October 15-21 (Third Full Week) :: National Business Women’s Week
  • Monday, October 16 :: Boss's Day
  • Tuesday, October 17 :: National Pasta Day
  • Thursday, October 19 :: Get to know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersday (comes once every quarter)
  • Thursday, October 26 :: National Pumpkin Day
  • Saturday, October 28 :: National Make A Difference Day, National Chocolate Day
  • Sunday, October 29 :: National Cat Day #NationalCatDay
  • Tuesday, October 31 :: Halloween

What days will you be posting on?! Can't wait to see all your content!

Erin Phillips