Content Planning - September "Days"

Thank you for those who joined me on Facebook and Instagram Live to chat about September social media "holidays". There's a full recap of these days, plus more below. And you can click here to watch the Facebook Live


Before jumping in, just a few reminders about these "days":

  1. Don't post on more than one or two of these "days". No one wants to follow an account that's just full of National "Days". 
  2. Make sure it ties into your brand! Why does it matter that you're chiming in on this day? Why should someone care? Can you tie your product or service to that day?
  3. Get your hashtags right! Ensure that you've got the one main hashtag and any related hashtags ready to go when you post. This is a great way to expand your reach on social and get discovered by new accounts. I like to post the main hashtag in my copy and then comment with the other 29 (or less) hashtags. Don't worry, we have a full post on hashtags coming soon!
  4. Plan it out! Write down the date on your calendar (especially if you have a content calendar for social!) and go ahead and plan out the photo and copy you're going to post. See our Ice Cream Day post, that was taken a month in advance!

Now that we've refreshed on that, here are the September days you can post content around. I've put those that we spoke about on Live in bold. Enjoy!

  • Friday, September, 1st - National College Colors Day
  • Monday, September 4th - Labor Day
  • Tuesday, September 5th - International Day of Charity, National Cheese Pizza Day
  • Wednesday, September 6th - National Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay
  • Thursday, September 7th - National Beer Lover’s Day
  • Friday, September 8th - Stand Up to Cancer Day
  • Sunday, September 10th - World Suicide Prevention Day, National Grandparents Day #NationalGrandparentsDay
  • Monday, September 11th – 9/11
  • Tuesday, September 12th – National Chocolate Milkshake Day, National Day of Encouragement
  • Wednesday, September 13th – National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
  • Saturday, September 16th – National Working Parents Day, Responsible Dog Ownership Day (AKC recognition on 9/22)
  • Sunday. September 17th – Wife Appreciation Day
  • Monday, September 18th – National Cheeseburger Day
  • Tuesday, September 19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Wednesday, September 20th – National Punch Day
  • Thursday, September 21st – International Day of Peace
  • Friday, September 22nd – American Business Women’s Day
  • Saturday, September 23rd – National Hunting and Fishing Day
  • Monday, September 25th – National One-Hit Wonder Day
  • Tuesday, September 26th – National Pancake Day
  • Wednesday, September 27th – National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, National Chocolate Milk Day
  • Thursday, September 28th – National Drink Beer Day
  • Friday, September 29th – National Coffee Day
  • Saturday, September 30th – National Family Health and Fitness Day USA

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Erin Phillips