Hi, we’re Pinckney Palm!
And we’re your social media solution. No seriously, we have your back no matter your social media needs.


Why the name Pinckney Palm? 
When founder Erin Phillips started hunting for the perfect name for her new business, she turned to the Charleston history books. Enter socialite Eliza Lucas Pinckney who brought indigo to the US and ran three plantations in the 1700s, all under the age of 16. Now that’s a #bossbabe!

Couple that with the palms dotting our hometown that our Founder holds so dear to her heart and you’ve got Pinckney Palm.

We 💗 Charleston, SC!
Speaking of our hometown, I don’t think we need to explain why we love Charleston. From the gorgeous landscapes, southern hospitality, warm climate and lively culinary and arts scene, it’s just plain perfection. Come visit us at our Mount Pleasant location, just right over the bridge from downtown – we’ll have a bottle of rosé chilling just for you!

Meet our Founder...
Erin Phillips found her love for social media way back in 2008 (old for social media 😉) when a professor at Clemson University made her start an account on a little something called Twitter and a blog on Wordpress. It was love at first tweet and she didn’t slow down from there, going on to do Social for clients agency-side before working for Fortune 120 company Capital One in D.C.

She’s now happy to be back in her home state of South Carolina with her husband, little girl Sullivan and two adopted Golden Retrievers!